While driving our country roads or through our communities, it is a regrettable to see so many old and unsightly vehicles rusting away and

Abandoned vehicle found along the Bruce Trail

Owners of old vehicles can dispose of their vehicles by donating them to the Help Trails Grow vehicle recycling program. It’s a win-win for all involved:contaminating our environment. It does not have to be that way though! A local trails association, Simcoe County Trails have an innovative trail program, called “Help Trails Grow”. This program is a vehicle recycling program, which not only has environmental merits by disposing of old vehicles in an environmentally safe manner, but also generates funding for trails in Simcoe County.

  • vehicle owners receive a free tow and a minimum $150 tax receipt (more if the car is considered to have more recycling value )
  • trail initiatives will have access to much needed funding
  • our environment benefits from having old or abandoned vehicles removed and disposed of in an effective and environmentally sound manner
  • municipalities can use this program to enforce their environmental by-laws pertaining to derelict vehicles
  • the car recycler has access to scrap metal, and re-usable parts.

Any old vehicle is suitable for donation, as well as farm equipment, trucks, snowmobiles, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles. We also accept municipal and corporate fleet vehicles.

Recycling includes the dismantling of vehicles for parts resale and material recycling. Actually, as much as 75% of an average car’s content can be recycled or reused, or parts can be refurbished and sold for up to 50% less than new parts. In addition, reusing and recycling old vehicles saves energy, reduces the risk of contaminating the environment, and creates jobs.

How To Donate Your Old Vehicle

To donate a vehicle, phone (705) 728-4110 and identify yourself as a Simcoe County Trails vehicle donor. Arrangements will then be made to pick up the vehicle at no cost to the vehicle owner. The car recycler will contribute a minimum of $150 per vehicle to Simcoe County Trails, who will issue a tax receipt to the donor of the vehicle. Simcoe County Trails keeps 50% of the proceeds for its own programs, such a trail mapping and promotion, and providing assistance with trail building projects. The other 50% of the proceeds will be donated to a local trail initiative in the municipality where the vehicle was picked up. Most municipal councils in Simcoe County have endorsed the program and are supporting it through their by-law enforcement officers, or are promoting the program in their newsletter, website, or by disseminating brochures.

The automobile ranks at the top of recyclable items!

The automotive recycling industry plays a necessary and crucial role in the effective and ecological disposal of inoperative motor vehicles.  Automotive recyclers deal in the recycling of trucks, buses, motorcycles, snowmobiles, RV’s, and farm equipment.  This includes the dismantling of vehicles for parts resale and material recycling.

Little known facts about old vehicles

By weight, 75% of an average car’s content is recycled or reused.
Parts can be refurbished and sold for up to 50% less than new parts.
Reusing and recycling old vehicles saves energy.
Recycling reduces the risk of contaminating the environment.
Reusing & recycling old vehicles creates jobs.

Simcoe County Trails thanks its “friendly recycler”:

Triple M Auto Parts
452 Tiffin Street
Barrie, ON.
L4N 9W8

Local: 705.728.4110
Toll Free: 800.461.1718
Fax: 705.728.9279


Let’s do the right thing for the environment, and leave our children with the kind of clean environment we wish to leave for them. Let’s get rid of those unsightly old vehicles and build more trails or improve existing ones, for all to enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle!

Simcoe County Trails is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization and is specifically focused on the promotion of trails for their health, social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits, as well as the completion of a world class trails network in Simcoe County.

For further information contact info@simcoetrails.ca.