Great News!  Trails are open but Limited!!!
The Georgian Bay  Snowriders have been grooming steadily the last 48 hours, getting the  trails back in shape.  They are opening the trails this morning, for your  fun & enjoyment.
Please continue to monitor the open status of the trails on the OFSC website, as the club  fears the extreme warm weather and rain currently being forecasted for the  weekend.
Specifically, would like to reopen the following trails…   Limited Status. C trail,  308,  309,   Tiny Marsh,   305,   Awenda Park,   Cedar Point.

Snowmobile on Mid Pen Link

While touring, why not plan a stop-off and enjoy the food at Henry’s on 308, LA Cafe on 303C or at the Maple Valley Club on the 303.
Once again, check trail status with respect to the mild weather forecast.


Be Safe & Have Fun!!!