The Maps website of the County of Simcoe is an interactive mapping website that is managed by the County GIS department. This tool provides a common platform for the exchange and distribution of real-time information and a one-window portal for the dissemination of local geographic data including trail information.

To access the trail maps, go to The first time you sign on, you will have to sign a disclaimer. Afterwards, use this site to locate where the trails are, zoom in by clicking anywhere on the map or by using the zoom icons on the right of the screen. Use the hand icon for panning (i.e. to drag map up or down, or sideways). Go down to a scale of 1:12,000 or smaller, and you will be amazed at the level of detail you will be able to see, right down to actual trees, ponds, houses, etc. This level of detail is called ortho-photography and these aerial maps were made in 2012. You can also slide the time ruler at the top left to see older aerial photography, and see what was there prior to development, etc.
There are also tools to measure distance, area, show coordinates or create a URL. You can customize your view by adjusting the Layers and Themes, or the type of map i.e. Imagery/Topo or Street. You can save a file, print it, e-mail a map, etc.

Enjoy a “Trails Experience” on a trail near you, or if you are from further away, come and check out our network of trails in Simcoe County.

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