We often get the question “Where can I ride my horse in Simcoe County?” So, we asked Carole McIsaac, member of the Ontario Equestrian Federation and of the board of directors of Simcoe County Trails.

She told us that, in fact, there are lots of opportunities. Here are some suggestions:

–   County Forest tracks near OrrLake, Lafontaine, etc. A lot of the larger County Forest tracts have some super trails and are easy footing for riding.

–   Some of the lower County Forest Tracts have good hill work (especially the ones on Airport Road near the Dufferin County Forest).

–   Copeland Forest during the summer months (we are working on a winter route!). Park in the parking lot on Ingram Road, just to the east of the 4th Line of Oro Medonte.

Horseback riders may encounter other users, but most are polite and share the trails positively. Carole also commented: “I haven’t had a bad riding experience in any of the Simcoe County Forest Tracts whether motorized trail users were allowed in the forest tract, or not.  Most of the motorized users are very respectful of other users.”

Note, there currently is no official trail map of the Copeland Forest. As for the County Forests, you can find aerial photos and topo maps of the Simcoe County Forest tracts on www.maps.simcoe.ca. Turn on the “Forestry and Recreation“ Theme. In the Topo view, you can see green dotted lines, which are the forest tracts.

Note: you would be well advised to take a GPS with you, as there are no wayfinding signs in the forests.