Trail accessibility assessment at Schooner Town Loop Trail

Trail Crew with HETAP cart

Today, the Simcoe County Trails “trail crew” did a trails assessment on the Schooner Town Loop Trail in Wasaga Beach. The assessment consists of taking precise measurements of a trail, with respect to distance, trail width, surface type, grade, cross slope, obstructions, and GPS coordinates. They use a HETAP instrumentation cart to do so.

HETAP stands for High Efficiency Trail Assessment Process and is the automated “successor” to the UTAP (Universal Trails Assessment Process).

Measuring the trail width

In the process, the trail crew will also record and photograph features along the way, such as interpretive signs, obstructions, trail furniture, etc.

Recording of a trail feature… the Harold Culham Memorial

The Simcoe County Trails crew members are enjoying their jobs, as they get to explore new trails, and be outdoors.  Here is a view they were excited to “Instagram” about: the 3000 year old sand dunes along the Nottawasaga River. These dunes are constantly in motion due to wind activity and are getting higher every year. Bank swallows nest in the sand banks. It was a rather hard push to get the HETAP cart through the soft sand.

Sand dunes along the Nottawasaga River

For more information on the HETAP process, and how we can assess your trail for accessibility, contact us at